Pet Fed is your solution to all things fun and knowledgeable about your pets. With fortnightly socializing events (BYOD), India's biggest annual pet festival (Pet Fed) and India's first pet newspaper (Pet Fed Times), we aim to make India a better place for you and your lovely pets.

Pet Fed Team

Akshay Gupta, Founder

Akshay is an alumnus of The Hindu College, Delhi University. Born with an entrepreneurial streak, Akshay is the brains behind conceptualizing Pet Fed with the sole aim of providing pet parents with a new and exciting experience. He has extensive experience and the expertise of running and scaling businesses. He has the zeal to curate and magnify unconventional ideas into reality.

Dino Morea, Investor

Dino Morea, known for his fame on the silver screen and fashion ramps, has more aspects in his life that just that. He comes in as an investor with his immense passion and love for dogs. He blends in very naturally into Pet Fed with his strong conviction to provide a better life to pets. Pet Fed, for him is the 'ultimate pet party' and he would love to take his dogs, Maximus and Ganpath, for a day-out at such an event.

Aashna Jain, Director Operations

Aashna is an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. She comes on board with her meticulous approach, analytical abilities and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. When push comes to shove, her love and dedication towards Pet Fed give her the warranted edge in working towards the success of the event.

Gaurav Singh, Sr. Manager Business Development

Gaurav, an alumnus of the Himachal Pradesh University brings with himself a vibrant and jovial spirit to work. His conscientious attitude towards clients and commitment to excellence makes him equally popular among clients and colleagues. His distinct selling skills, resolute and determined approach, strong personal values and above all, staunch love for dogs, makes him a valuable part of the team.